From our sister company, Bent Theatre:


6-Week Improv Classes
Wednesdays from 6:00pm - 7:30pm
Starting March 15
Ages 10-14

Bent Theatre is excited to announce its first youth education programming in over a decade! The comics and educators from C'Ville's best comedy act are launching Padawans, an Improv 101 class for youth performers ages 10-14. Our instructors will teach your child the tools of the trade used on stage by the Bent Theatre in a positive, safe, encouraging environment that values creativity and...well...weirdness. Our 6 week class will cover the fundamentals while teaching fun games and building artistic and social skills. The class will culminate in a graduation show put on by our students and...drumroll...the launching of a youth improv troupe to perform regularly in Charlottesville as a branch of the larger Bent Theatre.

Improv Classes are a great way to:
- Expand and encourage creativity
- Learn valuable teambuilding and problem solving skills
- Boost public speaking and stage presence
- Make awesome friends!

If you have any questions or to sign up please email us at or call at (434) 218-BENT (email preferred). Space is limited so please sign up now

For more information about us or the group as a whole, please visit

Facebook - Bent Theatre Comedy
Twitter - @theBentTheatre
Instagram & Snapchat - bentimprov

*- Exceptions may be made for performers older or younger than the posted age range (10-14) -*