Anna Lien

Artistic & Managing Director. Founder. Technical Theater. Design. Admin. Actor.

GTP Executive Director Anna Lien has been the engine behind 17 shows and counting since graduating from the College of William and Mary in 2009. Frustrated with the lack of theater opportunities for new and career-building theater artists, she started GTP in 2011. Trained as a teacher (Mary Baldwin College), she manages, builds, designs, and directs for experienced and novice thespians alike, averaging six productions a year for the last four years. She also teaches basic fighting techniques, cleans up spills, makes terrible puns, decent fake blood & good pizza. She is immersed in both classic and contemporary theater, and comes from a background in summer stock, Shakespeare, & Oscar Wilde.

Cory Capron


Cory Capron is Gorilla's artist-of all trades. As a local teen, he was a member of No Shame Theater and Charlottesville Robotics, a student at Light House Studio, and a singer-songwriter. Since graduating from the University of Virginia in 2009, he has dabbled in play-writing, digital music and experimental film. He will analyze your text, score your show, build its props, develop your performance, shoot that web-trailer, paint that set, and get you a coffee. He brings to GTP his strong background in Media Studies and Literature.

LAuren Gilroy

Costume Manager

Lauren Gilroy has been mounting ambitious productions on a shoestring budget since college. She has served as a technical director for Shakespeare on the Lawn, stage manager for Nu Sass Productions, and director and producer for GTP since 2014.


Kendall aiguier stewart

Public Relations

Kendall Aiguier Stewart crawled out of the gutter and into Gorilla Theater within three weeks of moving to Charlottesville and she hasn't left since. A proud Boston Native, she holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Emerson College and cut her teeth in the Boston Fringe scene.


JAck rakes

House Manager

Nathan anderith



emily lien

Props Manager

andy davis

Artistic Associate


heather owens

Web Manager and All Around Gopher

Heather Owens has been doing costume and props work in theater since the late 90's.