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Last year you helped us build a theater. This year, help us build a bridge!

So many modern interactions are through glass screens, like human islands in a digital sea. Gorilla Theater brings people together, whether it’s actors in rehearsal, techies during builds, or audiences sharing a group emotion. In the last year we have produced a gender-bending Christmas Carol, a feminist take on Beauty and The Beast, and a queer inclusive Spring Awakening with themes of reproductive rights.
Our mission is to merge classical training with social activism. We are a 501c3 committed to socially relevant work, diverse casting, and LGBTQ+ safety and inclusion for all of our theater artists, with people of different ethnicities, orientations, cultures, identities and socio-economic backgrounds. 
This year, our fundraising goal is $12,000 by September 16th. Currently, our shows, events, and tuition cover about 50% of the cost of leasing the theater, with the remainder donated by the Board of Directors. So, half of funds raised, up to $6,000, will be dedicated to rent and utilities, covering up to 40% of the cost of keeping the space. The remaining funds will be split evenly between recurring costs – toilet paper, paint, costume supplies, etc. – and capital improvements – exterior signs, lobby renovations, and maybe even a teen musical. 
If we make our fundraising goal, the Board of Directors will donate a beautiful pair of glass doors with installation and curtains, opening the space to natural light and passers-by.
We’re very proud of all we’ve done in the past year: renovating the space, partnering with community groups, and producing four amazing shows. Now, we need your help to grow even stronger, so please give what you can.
Last year, you helped us to build out the space where this takes place; this year we need your help to grow even deeper into the community.


Gorilla Theater Productions in Charlottesville is an

educational theater for children, youth, and adults

combining classical training with social activism.


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